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Commercial Asphalt Paving

At Maisano Bros. Inc., we take pride in delivering quality workmanship across a wide range of commercial paving services, from asphalt paving to general contracting and masonry. Our comprehensive offerings include asphalt milling, seal coating, curbing, and maintenance and repair services tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial properties. With expertise in addressing drainage issues and constructing, maintaining, and repairing driveways and roadways, Maisano Bros. ensures that your commercial space remains safe and accessible. Our in-house engineers play a vital role in accurately reading prints and providing expert advice to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your paving projects. 

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Over 60 Years of Experience

Whether you require recreational walking trails, cart paths, or access roads, Maisano Bros. has the experience and resources to deliver exceptional results. Additionally, our services encompass patch and pothole repair, wedge curb installation, line striping, and roadway surfacing, including mill and overlay techniques. We specialize in addressing various roadway issues, such as alligator cracking, block cracking, longitudinal cracking, rutting, pushing, shoving, and surface deformation, ensuring the longevity and durability of your pavement. Trust Maisano Bros. for all your commercial paving needs, where quality and professionalism are always guaranteed.

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Maisano Bros. Inc. has partnered with New Haven County Credit Union to provide our clients with the best financing rates for residential, commercial and sports courts paving projects. Get pre-approved today!

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