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About Maisano Bros. Inc.

In 1963, the Maisano brothers, Tony and Pat, embarked on their journey by plowing snow and taking up odd paving jobs using their father’s pickup truck. As time went on, their paving endeavors grew, and by 1965, they were actively engaged in more and more paving projects. In 1967, they took a significant step forward by purchasing their first dump truck, leading both brothers to quit their full-time jobs and dedicate themselves to paving and snow plowing.

In 1970, Maisano Bros. established itself as an independent entity and officially became incorporated. Over the years, the company gained recognition for their remarkable work, making headlines for their snow plowing efforts during the notorious blizzard of 1978, where they were featured on the front page of the local newspaper. They continued to leave their mark, even being showcased on local news broadcasts while plowing I-95 south in Branford during the blizzard of 2003.


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Together, we pave the way to excellence!

Whether it’s paving your neighbor’s driveway, the parking area of your favorite shopping spot, or even the very road leading to your front door, Maisano Bros. has been there. Since the passing of Pat Maisano in 1985 and Tony in 2010, Chris Maisano has carried forward their paving empire to the present day. From their humble beginnings with shovels and rakes to the utilization of modern-day paving machines, Maisano Bros. continues to exemplify excellence in service and reliability.

As we reflect on our rich history, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers and the communities we serve. We are proud to be a part of your lives, and we remain committed to delivering outstanding paving services that meet and exceed your expectations.

Thank you for being a part of the Maisano Bros. journey. Together, we pave the way to excellence!