Maisano Bros


About Us

In 1963 the Maisano brothers Tony and Pat began plowing snow and doing odd paving jobs with their fathers pick-up truck.  By 1965, the two brothers started doing more and more paving jobs.  They continued on a part time basis until 1967 when the brothers bought their first dump truck.  By this time both brothers had quit their full time jobs and began paving full time and plowing snow.  In 1970, the company became its own entity and became incorporated.

You may have seen us paving your neighbors driveway or paving the parking area at where you shop; in fact, Maisano Bros. may have paved the driveway leading to your own front door. Since the passing of Pat Maisano in 1985, and Tony in 2010 Chris Maisano has carried their paving empire to present time. From the early days of shovels and rakes to their modern day paving machines,Maisano Bros. continues to exemplify their excellent service and repeatability.